Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Australian Architecture

Sydney Technical College -Administration Building

Look at the slide show and find a platypus, a kanfgaroo and a lizard. Write your comments at the bottom of this post.

Go to the TAFE Heritage website and answer a couple of questions...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting the job of your dreams

Today we will finish our application letters. I was amazed to read your letters... We have a class of highly talented, qualified and experienced people !!!

Take the time today to check your application letter carefully. Make the corrections and check with me before typing up the final draft. I will need both your first and final drafts for your assessment.

Go to the following links on Video Jug to hear more about what to do in a job interview. As listening practice, listen to each question on the page I have provided you, and write brief notes - a few words or phrases - to answer each question. Listen as many times as you need to by using the controls to stop and rewind each track . Listen without reading, then read the transcripts below as you listen again. Try to work out the meaning of new words from the context BEFORE looking in your dictionary, and add them to the New Word list.

The Job Interview
The Interview Questions
Surviving an Interview

When your done, take a look at any other videos in Video Jug that might be of interest.

Have you been adding to your blog? If you have set up a blog, show it to me so we can link it to our class blog.

Let's see some writing in your blogs!!! Tell us about your first job, or about job interviews you've had.

Enjoy your day!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The rest of your career starts here

Last week we looked at what to do to prepare for an interview and how to behave in an interview. We searched for advice on the internet and found a lot of great tips. Today, I'd like you to go to one of the following job search websites:

Career One

Choose an advertisement for a job that you could have in the near future. Read the job description carefully. Think about the type of person that they are looking for and the skills, qualifications and experience they need for this position. Write an application letter for this job, using the structure and expressions that we have looked at over the past weeks.

Are YOU who they need?

Put together a letter of application. Set it out correctly. Show your interest in the job. Look at some examples but write about yourself. Be realistic about yourself and put in enough to show them your skills, qualifications, experience and interests. But not too much detail - that goes in your resume!!! We'll look at resumes later.

Once you have had the letter checked by me, you can print off the final draft.

How did you find that? Write about it in your blog. What? You're new to the class and you don't have one yet? Well, we can fix that in a flash!

Good luck with your future job seeking!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Go for gold!

Start blogging
Hello everyone!
I would like you to write a little bit about where you’re from. What’s it like? Is it a big city or a small town? What do the people do there?
Your blog is for personal discoveries and experiences. Add to it whenever you get a chance! Tell everyone what’s happening in your life!
For inspiration, look at what other students in your class and other classes have written their own blogs.

Making your own blog – a few pointers:
· Don’t put too much personal information. Protect your privacy.
This might include your full name, address, email address or phone numbers.
· Don’t use any material from other sites without citing it.
This includes text, images and sound files. Some sites give you free stuff, so use that! If you use something from someone else’s site, it’s best to put the website address, or the author or photographer. (See the credit to Matthew Field I put above the picture of Sydney harbour in the first blog entry).

Olympics quiz
Answer the following questions by looking at . Check your answers with another student. I’ll give you the answers when you’re done.
Thanks to Nadia for creating this quiz.
1. What was Australia’s ranking in the overall medal tally in
(a) 2000 Sydney Olympics? (b) 2004 Athens Olympics?
2. In which Olympic Games did the Australian team have the best result and how many medals did they collect in that Olympics?
3. How many Australian athletes are participating in the Beijing 2008 Olympics?
4. In which Olympics did Australia send the largest team?
5. Who else accompanies the athletes?
6. How many sports are played in the Olympics? Name as many as you can.
How many out of these sports did Australia qualify for?
7. Which Australian athlete in the 2008 Olympics has participated in the most Olympics?
(Find name, sport and how many Olympics)
8. How many athletes are participating for their 3rd Olympics?
9. How many athletes are debutants (1st timers) in this Olympics?
10. Who is the oldest athlete, how old and in what sport?
11. Who is the youngest athlete, how old and in what sport?
12. What is the average age of most athletes?
13. How many are there indigenous Australian athletes?
14. How many athletes were born outside Australia?
15. Who are Australia’s two top Olympic medal winners in Australian history?
16. Where are the 2012 Olympic Games going to be held?

ESL websites for students

On the left is a growing list of internet sites designed to help you improve your English – reading, listening, grammar, pronunciation and spelling. Choose a site now and roam around it. Try some of the activities. Do you think it’s a useful site? In your blogs, refer other students to the most useful sites. Tell us how you did on any quizzes or tests and what your level is!!!

Keep blogging!

Guess who?

Can you guess who this is? He was born recently. Actually this is a very old picture, he's six weeks old now.

If you can guess his name, you win a coconut!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Welcome to our Classic Class Blog

Photo taken by Matthew Field


Welcome to our class blog, which I have called ClassicClass. My name's Matt and I teach English in Sydney.

This blog is for all my English students.

On the left you'll see a growing list of links to other sites, including useful ESL sites to practise your English and other class blogs. Take the time to look through other Class Blogs.

What would you like to see on your own class blog?

I would like all my students to set up their own blogs, so that they can write about themselves, what they like to do and what they have learned about Australia. You will be able to read each other's blogs and comment on them.

Happy blogging!